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Gardens are secure digital economies run by the community members that make them valuable.

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The four pillars

Together, these provide a framework for effective on-chain governance

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Conviction voting

A novel voting system to allocate funds

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Community Covenant

A decentralised social contract to encode values

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A dispute resolution protocol to protect values

Decision voting

To alter the DNA
of the DAO

Give your community a voice

Under conviction voting, the majority doesn’t need to achieve consensus on everything.

Community members can propose and support things they care about without fear that a whale will vote them down. In fact, there is no downvoting. People with large stakes and strong opinions can’t suppress the community.

Proposals simply need enough support to pass - the fewer the funds requested, the less support required.

Grow a Garden

Already have a token? No problem, you can bring it with you into your Garden to use as your governance token.

No token yet? Even better! Your Garden will be created with a new governance token, giving your community the capital it needs to flourish.

Our Communities

Here are some of the communities that are already growing a Garden






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